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Bring Nature Indoors with
Solus by Nedlaw

With 90% of our lives spent indoors, having clean, fresh indoor air is essential for our health and well-being.


Solus by Nedlaw uses the power of nature to remove harmful airborne VOC pollutants and circulates naturally clean air back into the room.


With all the patented science you’d find in our large-scale integrated systems, Solus by Nedlaw is ideal for offices, restaurants, spas, classrooms, boardrooms or any space you wish to bring the benefits, beauty, and functionally of a Nedlaw Living Wall.


Now you can clean air, naturally, anywhere with Solus by Nedlaw.


The SOLUS By NEDLAW, freestanding living wall biofilter is built with sturdy, long-lasting marine-grade aluminum and highest quality components. Two layers of our proprietary growth media allow the plant roots to grow freely in between.


This patented design maximizes root exposure to the air flow allowing the system to remove 75% of VOC’s* on a single pass, producing high-quality indoor air with minimal energy usage.



7 ft.             3 ft.           2 ft.          20-25 (Approx)

COLOUR: Flat Black


  • Two(2) - 120v GFCI Duplex Receptacles(separate circuits)

  • Good Quality Water: Low in total dissolved salts and non-softened.


  • Purchased separately 

$ 9,999 

$ 9,999 CAD plus applicable taxes.
Delivery and Setup, not included.

Thanks for your interest in Solus by Nedlaw Living Walls. We will reply to you shortly to confirm your reservation and next steps!

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