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Studies & Scientific Research

There is peer-reviewed research demonstrating Nedlaw Living Walls’ effectiveness at processing air pollutants like VOCs, which is why we refer to them as Biofilters.

We've compiled over 20 years of research into documents and case studies. Here are several that are now available. Please contact us for information on any specific area of interest.


We have completed research studies in conjunction with the University of Guelph. You can read the full reports using the following links.


Biofiltration of Indoor Air I
Biofiltration of Indoor Air II
Biofiltration of Indoor Air III
Elimination of Toluene and MEK
Biofiltration of Ammonia in Closed System



The following research reports are printed in various scientific journals. Click the link to read the abstract and you can choose to purchase the article from the journal.


Life Support & Biosphere Science
The Use of Biofilters to Improve Indoor Air Quality: The Removal of Toluene, TCE and Formaldehyde, 1998

Indoor Air
The Biofiltration of Indoor Air: Implications for Air Quality, 2000


Environmental Science & Technology
The Biofiltration of Indoor Air: Air Flux and Temperature Influences the Removal of Toluene, Ethylbenzene, and Xylene, 2001

SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers)
Acetone Removal Kinetics by an Indoor Biofilter, 1999
Removal of Carbon Monoxide by Botanical Systems, 2002
Dynamics of ppCO2 and its Fixation Pattern in a Partially Closed Biological System, Society of Automotive Engineers, 1996



Indoor Air Conference 2002: Temperature and Airflow Influences
Indoor Air Biofiltration

Indoor Air Conference 2002: Bioaerosol Production from Indoor Air Biofilters

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