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Plant Options

For a successful and efficient living wall, choosing the right plants is crucial.

Each Nedlaw Living Wall is subject to an up to 90-day commissioning period. At this time our maintenance team pays close attention to the ecology of the wall, as well as how it responds to its surroundings, lighting, and water quality. Once the wall's ecology has been established and it is flourishing on its own, we can begin to add more species of plants. 

We have divided our plant selection into two sections to facilitate plant selection:
New Installation and Established Ecology.  

Plant Options for New Installations

Plant Options for Established Ecology

As part of our services, we can maintain that system so you can enjoy the benefits of plants without having to worry about maintenance.

The first step in the process is to contact Nedlaw and talk to us about your project.
Call us today and we'll begin the process of unlocking all the benefits that living biofilter can offer.

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