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From Space Habitation Research to Commercial Success

Together, the team has been building, installing and maintaining the most ambitious, hard-working and durable Living Walls on the market.

We did not get into Living Walls because they are trendy. Our Biofilter technology dates back to the mid-90s. Our initial research was commissioned by North American space agencies who were hoping a find a solution for growing basic crops, and cleaning the air in sealed space capsules. The research led to developing a Living Wall that harnessed a natural occurring process called biofiltration, successfully creating virtual outdoor air for the sealed space capsule. As word spread throughout the academic community about the air filtering power of this machine, architects and engineers were inspired to consider its potential for commercial and institutional applications here on earth.

Working with industry leaders, we transformed a lab experiment into a piece of living architecture which resulted in our first Living Wall Biofilter at University of Guelph-Humber. 

We continue to test and push our work to new heights, often inspired by the desires and creativity of our clients. Sometimes clients come to us with an air quality need, a LEED aspiration, or an elegant design that demands the highest competency to build and install. Sometimes clients come to us simply because they want the best Living Wall (or roof, for that matter) they can buy. No matter the project, we take pride in our work as designers, builders and maintainers. Whether it’s keeping your interior dry, your air clean, or your plants and people happy, we work hard to give your building a long and sustainable life.

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