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System Requirements

To help you put together the scope of your project, here are the basic installation requirements. We know that every living wall project is unique and our design team will help create detailed plans with you.

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Air Handling

You need to consider where you want the clean air from your biofilter to go.
The air handling options are free standing, hybrid or fully integrated and we can
consult on the best solution.


Water In & Out

  • The system requires water supply for the biofilter. The system can tolerate a
    wide range of water sources; we have used rainwater (grey water), recovered
    water condensate and, of course, potable water.

  • A sanitary drain is required for excess water.


Power Needs

  • Power is needed for pumps to circulate water and for lights. While natural light is ideal for energy savings the biofilter can function on 100% artificial light. Budget for 100 watts per square metre of biofilter in terms of light energy.

  • We recommend separating the power circuits.


System Weight

The only structural consideration is the weight of the wall.


  • Wall: 110 Ibs / 50 kg per square metre

  • Basin: As little as 220 Ibs / 100 kg per square metre depending on the design



Our biofilters can use natural or artificial light – of course natural light is the greenest way to go. We will consult on your light requirements.


Finishing the Area

Plan for the area around your biofilter to be tolerant of moisture. Like any plant system, humidity is generated along with an occasional drip or splash of water.


Operating Cost

Clean air can be supplied to occupants for as little as 24 watts per person – which is a substantially reduced cost compared to traditional systems.





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