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Air Handling

Every Nedlaw Biofilter we build provides clean air, but you have the choice of how the biofilter works in your space. Biofilters that are tied into a building’s HVAC air return are the most efficient and provide the greatest return in terms of energy savings. However, we commonly build biofilters with on-board fans that clean air and thereby improve indoor air quality in any sized space.

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Free Standing

A free standing design is ideal for room-sized applications, such as smaller entranceways, boardrooms, waiting areas, offices, and residences. And because the free standing design can be added wherever you have power and water, it’s an ideal format for retrofitting into office buildings, schools, retail or commercial space for a quick and impactful upgrade.



A hybrid installation involves tying the biofilter’s fresh air return into the room circulation or air handling of a defined area. Good applications would be for one unit or floor of an office building, school or commercial space. This flexible installation allows you to maximize the air quality improvement when you don’t have access to the entire building’s HVAC system.


Fully Integrated

The fully integrated option involves complete tie in to the building’s HVAC system, so that clean air from the biofilter is distributed throughout the building and energy savings are maximized. While this is an obvious fit for new construction, this installation is also feasible for retrofit designs and we’ve done it. Our design team works with you to determine how this integration can work for your building.

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